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AVSCC 2017
What it takes to be a XMR racer.

First, and foremost, you have to be a participant. Being a participant means the snowmobile you’re going to race is in good running order and will pass Tech. Passing your Technical Inspection (aka “Tech”) is fairly easy when you’re running Stock snowmobiles. Foremost, you must have a working tether switch that will affix itself to your body from the snowmobile. No homemade devices are permitted.

Beyond that for stock, there are some minor nuisances like headlights and taillights must be taped to keep possible broken glass more confined, along with proper OEM or better clutch guards. All ski hoop tips need to be padded and taped. For super stock and modified classes, the rules can become more involved so refer to those rules pages listed in the racing section.

Moving from the sled back to the racer, aside from a full face DOT/Snell helmet, the racer must have all the proper safety equipment, including TekVest or equivalent snowmobile protection. Motorcycle chest protectors will
not be allowed as a substitute for proper snowmobile gear.

Now that you’re properly suited up and on a race ready sled, what else do you need to do? First, you must register. This will be done on the Friday night, prior to race day, which starts Saturday morning. The location will be announced soon but expect it to be in Craig for the Hayden races, we’ll announce the other locations as those race dates draw nearer. Your other option is to mail your registration in no later than one week prior to the next race. If you’re e-mailing, you can pay the morning of the race, by stopping by race trailers #24, #171 or #14. If your registration is not marked “paid” the Starting Line Official will know – so don’t pull up to the line unless you’ve paid (we’ll know).

On race day is when we have tech inspection, where you will receive a small decal indicating your sled has been inspected. Each sled that is going to race will be inspected. If you did not get inspected, the Starting Line Official will not allow you to race, nor will that heat race be delayed as a result of such omission. So, if you have not been inspected, help, go seek out the Tech Inspector. After Tech, there will be a drivers meeting, explaining the agenda for the day, safety expectations and rules, along with an explanation of what the various color flags mean. After the day of racing, we head back to the designated banquet hall/hotel for dinner and awards. Again, the location is soon TBA

Finally, to be a XMR Racer you cannot believe in magic. These races don’t happen magically. The host facilitators put a tremendous amount of work into preparing the track and lodging accommodations so it’s up to each racer to do their small part by being on time, paying on time, and following the rules, and most importantly, if you don’t know – ask.
Don’t wait till the last minute.

For complete details, see the racing tab and links within the tab.

And remember:
“Better a racer for a day than a spectator for life.”

Have a fun and safe season and we’ll see ya at the starting line.